Data Gathering Project/Experiment #1:
 The "Seoul Street Studio Project"

37784155861_1fb2c01389_o (1).jpg

In accordance with the parameters of the CGoS project outlined above, this sub-project,  designed to collect ethnocgraphic data,  will do so across two axes pairs, geographic breadth (backgrounds) + ethno-sartorial depth (subjects) in the pictures. They will also be points at which the audiovisual has real meaning, in which visual images meet in-depth, audio interviews produced by the investigator and will add a specific kind of insight impossible to get via any of the paths of investigation alone. In this way, the data sets and streams will converge into a uniquely compelling, interdisciplinary kind of consilience that is somewhat rare to see in the social sciences. This mini-project will also be a place where intellectual argumentation and presentation will converge with the powerful tool of artistic expression as found in visual, pictorial texts. The street fashion ethnographic portraits produced by a true collaboration between social investigator and subjects in the place where the subjective drives of self-representation on the part of the subjects meet with the discerning-yet-subjective eye of the investigator/photographer. The product will be a kind of "participant-practice" rarely seen in ethnographic studies. 

The interview in which I learn about the term/concept "paepi" back in early 2015.


One interview with some attendees of the Seoul Fashion Week event in MArch 2016, where I began to notice that the average age of street fashion culture participants was trending down. 


A really useful and informative interview about the way in which these paepi youth form communities and organize their activities online, and was the time I met the youngest paepi ever, a 6th-grader in elementary school. There is definitely something going on here.