Why Street Fashion Is Sociologically Important

Slippers by day...

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Fashion and the ways people dress are not only decided by the weather: because there are clothes you must wear and others that you just cannot appear in public anymore with, these seemingly individual decisions are in fact some truly social facts, as Émile Durkheim would probably have said. Moreover, the studying of fashion as a social phenomenon that influences the clothes we decide to buy, wear, and even be proud of (at least for some time) is possibly one of the easiest examples of what sociology is all about; with, in the case of fashion, numerous references to culture, norms, representations, consumption, social roles and models. Whenever a social scientist has to explain to any newcomer or non-sociologist the basics and purpose of the sociological science as a discipline, the understanding of fashion movements should be among the first examples that come to mind. Being ‘fashionable’ or, on the contrary, ‘out-of-fashion’ are the immediate consequences of judgments that are determined and limited by the cultural norms to which one belongs, at a given moment. Hence, whenever some people look at photographs of their youth, they are often ashamed of their previous looks and clothes even though they thought then they were absolutely à la mode.

"Appearance Stratification and Identity: Fashion as the Clearest Example of What Sociology is All About" (Yves Laberge 2013 47: 407 Sociology)

Girls in short skirts and soju. Semiotically linked in the culture in a way that Murica's Bud Girls don't know nothing about.
Korea, the land where everything is sold through a girl in a short skirt. On a repeat loop. And sometimes they throw in the girl.
"Women Soldiers."  Of course, kpop imaginings of women everything influences this look. Including the skirt lengths. The only military uniform I've ever seen shorter on a woman was Lt. Uhura on Star Trek. Granted, she WAS sitting most of the time, butt...
Still, in Seoul, the Code and Cult of Demure Domesticity dictates that, despite wearing a Ludicrously Short Skirt, the shoulders should be covered.
Even in coat weather, or sleet and snow, the skirts stay high as they ever were during the dog days of  summer.
Yongsan princess.