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Deconstructing korea: a cultural studies approach


This project is a Cultural Studies/Ethnic Studies consideration of Korea and exists to provide theoretical aid to bringing the study of KOREA to Asian American and Korean American Studies at the undergraduate level, while making real, academically responsible sense of the "Korean Wave" and other points of interest in South Korean mass and popular culture.


writing and photographs / Dr. Michael W. Hurt
Founder, Director/ The Critical Cultural Studies Program @ Busan University of Foreign Studies

Fashion Division Chair / World Association of Hallyu Studies



About Dr. Hurt

Dr. Michael W. Hurt is a photographer and professor living in Seoul, Korea. He received his doctoral degree from UC Berkeley's Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies and also started the first street fashion blog in South Korea in 2006, having covered Seoul Fashion Week and the Korean streets since 2007. He is also author of The Seoul Fashion Report, the first photo book about Korean street and runway fashion, while also running an online magazine extension of the book. He works as assistant professor at the Hanguk University of Foreign Studies teaching both Marketing and other culture courses, and continues shooting the streets of Seoul and its fashions. He has also lectured in Visual Sociology and The Sociology of Popular Culture at both Yonsei and Korea University.

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visual sociology in korea

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